I am Twinings


After more than 10 years of being a coffee addict I’d decided to give up the black potion. I miraculously managed to quit. The power was in my hands, I was stronger than my addiction!

Then I started to drink tea, 2 cups a day, sometimes 3 cups, everyday, even on weekends, not to mention on holidays when I had more time to drink tea. I started with Twinings. It was everything I knew about teas. But I felt I needed to be cooler than that, mainly because I was bullied by my international friends who thought tea was only for people who had a cold. I knew tea was not only a drink, tea was a culture and I needed to learn more about it, to understand it, to get closer to being an expert, rather than simply use it unconsciously. And so I began to read tea labels, tried different brands, different prices, some were exorbitant for unknown reasons – according to the labels they do spend a lot of money to cultivate and bring the tea from India and pack it in fancy boxes. Then I got bored and came back to Twinings. It felt right.

This new advert describes my confusing journey on the rough sea of teas – I drank quite a lot of funny tasting liquids that period – but now I’m back to me.

I am Twinings.

Which brand are you?


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