I wonder frustratingly


Why do most of the celebrities who use social media don’t actually socialize, in the true of the word?

Wonder girl

Time is not the answer, and you’ll see why.

I follow this great singer – I won’t tell her name cause it might ruin her career considering how popular my blog is – and she posted a super-cool picture and not only that I (and the rest of 5,765 people) liked it, but we also expressed in writing our admiration for the splendid voice and looks she has. I also included a little brain teaser for the lady, and expected to demonstrate her analytical thinking in a challenging debate that we were supposed to have.

What happened next? Nothing. No reply, no like back at me, nothing. There I stood, speechless and hurt, in an intense pain caused by numerous checkings of her page and no sign from her.

Call me frustrated, but I think that celebrities have developed a severe narcissistic behaviour through the use of too many social networks. Life was easier when these platforms didn’t exist. We were simple human beings, they were some kind of superior species, say centaurs. But they preferred to mix with the regular beings in this social media whirl. Well, I’ve got news for you celebrities, your hooves are still very noticeable.

Singers especially, could have continued to promote their albums and inform fans of their events and activities through websites, Youtube channels or even Twitter. Instead, they probably hired their cousins to update their tons of profiles, so that thousands of people could laud them to the skies and back. And at the end of the week they would post a teasing status or a picture to thank all those fans who licked the screens. Aren’t celebrities too hungry for groupies? Come on celebrities, use your four legs and walk that walk!

One might say, well, they’re too busy to reply to thousands of fans. No, they aren’t. I’m just saying, if she had the time to upload a picture of her breakfast, couldn’t she take few more seconds to at least like my comment?

Bottom line, celebrities should be more considerate towards their fans cause there is an Unlike button too!  And also, social networks are for socializing.

Peace and love and skittles!


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