My name is Iulia Gheorghita, I am a Bradford School of Management survivor, located in London with an earnest passion for Marketing, green, pianos and purple Skittles.

What was that fuelled my appetite for writing?

In life, we should express our feelings openly. We should not refrain from showing our emotions publicly. It gives us inner peace and it contributes to a balanced life. The more we hide our feelings, the bigger the chances to become frustrated, sad and finally, lonely.  Nonetheless, the entities we so much care for deserve to know what we nurture for them.  They cannot hurt us for caring too much, especially if they are lifeless…literally lifeless.

This is why I have decided to say it loud and proudly: I love you, Marketing! I love you so much that I’m going to talk about you over and over again. I’m gonna search about you and let others know how interesting you are. I’m going to salute those who love you correctly, and correct the clumsy ones. I’m going to read about you, and write about you. I’m going to show the world how much I cherish you and everything that has to do with you. Because I developed a passion for you.

It feels liberating!


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